Live Selling for Chatbots and Marketing Automation

Flux Panda works seamless with marketing automation, chatbots and AI tools to deliver the next level of retail experiences. Capture new data, increase sales conversion and delight customers.

Automated Live Selling Moderation

Flux Panda allows your chat agents and bots to directly interact with the audience. Process keywords, send direct responses, offer discounts, block users or modify the content of the live show in real-time.

Multi-channel promotion for your live sales events

Push live shows to your audience via chatbots, emails, and messaging.

Customize the live selling experience

Customize the call to action based on segmented customer data.

Enrich your customer data

Merge, enrich, and collect customer data directly from your live show attendees.

Private Sessions (1on1 live selling)

Turn live show attendees to private sales calls and increase your conversion rates.

Special Offers & Promotions

Send customized offers and promotions to your customers in real-time.

Dynamic Video Content

Offer on-demand video content to your audience to increase conversions. Deliver video based on their browsing behavior, interactions and interests.

Start increasing ecommerce conversions

Get closer to your fans and drive more sales with special, timed or limited offers.